5 tips to promote your music

It’s no longer mandatory to use the written press, television or national radio to achieve some success. We therefore offer you a « top 5 »  to promote your music.

1. Artist website

2. Newsletter

3. Presence on social networks

4. Youtube

5. Streaming and download sites

  1. Artist website

It’s THE essential crossroads for fans, professionals and the curious. Your website must therefore relay all the important events of your career. You can also use WordPress, to create a blog to share directly with your fans.

2. Your newsletter

The newsletter should be the most valuable tool in your Internet promotion arsenal. It’s a tool that will help to increase the loyalty of your fans.

Only those who have chosen to subscribe to your email list (from your site or in concert), will receive your promotional emails. These people want to know more about you, your music, your story.

Your newsletter should be a gateway between your fan’s inbox and your website or any other social network relaying your activity. This attracts the attention of your fans and allows you to engage them.

3. Your presence on social networks

Nowadays, everyone is on social networks. If your music project is not on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you don’t exist.

Of course, we musn’t stop there. Being present on these platforms is not enough. They must be used to their full potential.

This starts by considering these tools as places to interact with your community, rather than as free sales and promotions.

4. Youtube

YouTube is an essential platform for any musician. This search engine allows you to bring your music to life, by making clips, covers, vlogs, lives… Unlike other platforms, posts do not disappear at the bottom of news feeds, because it is a search engine, one of the most used in the world (daily) ,after google.

This means that it’s on Youtube that your videos will have the longest lifespan and therefore the most chance to be viral.

5. Streaming and download sites

By distributing your music on the largest streaming and download platforms (Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Last.fm, etc.), you appear alongside hundreds of thousands of artists around the world.

In addition to selling your music by making it easier to access your songs, these services often offer recommendations, “discovery” features or user-generated playlists that can bring your music out of the shadows.

This can only help you !

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